Yep, Dutch Clips are great for clipping onto webbing. Have the most recent sewn into my 1" and been using them for a long while no problems. I was testing something and have found my answer. I have been using very long straps, but I am switching back to a shorter strap and looking at the all-in-one systems described elsewhere on HF. Part of it was, if the tree is larger than one's strap portion, can one clip directly to an extension or the whoopie? The answer is: not recommended.

BTW- I got looking at my older shorter straps and realized that when I have sewed my Dutch Clips into my loops, I have a space to place the whoopie or an extension through the rest of this loop, probably for this very reason. Having been through tri-glides, buckles, rings, elephant trunks, marlin spikes, and some other hardware, and having the Dutch Clips work so well on the other end of my longer straps, I guess I just plain forgot.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the answers and feedback.