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    Lightweight Value!

    Well, I finally got to setup my Wilderness Logics Tadpole and BIAS WW hammock under some trees today.

    I have to say, for a grand total of around $125.00 for the hammock and tarp, this is an exceptionally good value as a fair weather setup. The hammock, with DIY dynaglide whoopies, 6 ft treestraps, carbon toggles and zing-it adjustable ridgeline comes in at 10.5 ounces in the stuff sack. The tarp with two 12ft zing-it ridgeline tieouts, two tarpflyz and four 6ft corner tie outs came it at 11.3 ounces in the stuff sack.

    That's a total of 21.8 ounces for hammock, suspension and tarp...for $125.00 plus the cost of my DIY suspension (Ordered all for around $30.00 from Dutch).

    This hammock is really well built, I don't even have to try to find the sweet spot, it is just there. The tarp provides plenty of coverage, with about 6 inches of overlap on either end, and pitches down nice and low (Disclaimer here, my BIAS WW is the first version, 10ft long, the new one might be a bit long for the Tadpole). We have a bit of north wind and I was able to put it down in storm mode close to the ground and still had plenty of room and good coverage inside. Tarpflyz and a two piece ridgeline are the way to go for me. Really easy to fine tune my setup.

    Kudos to the forums for all the DIY knowledge, and BIAS, WL and Dutch for providing lightweight affordable gear and exceptional customer service, all these guys are awesome to deal with!

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