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    SOLD: Outdoor Essentials

    SOLD: a collection of outdoor essentials items collected from my gear locker. Not everything you should have with you, but a good start on a kit to have with you whenever you step off the pavement. Good to have in the car too. $27 for the works including shipping to US addresses and PayPal fees.

    Clockwise from 1:00

    Silva Type 20 compass with sighting mirror. In good condition, with typical scuffs and scratches. Mirror can double as a signal device.

    Lanyard with mini Bic lighter in a vinyl lanyard mount, an aluminum whistle, and a match safe with a firesteel epoxyed to the side and a lanyard mount epoxyed to the end with a candle, tinder and matches inside, and a firesteel scraper.

    Mora 2/0 knife with 3" carbon steel blade, 3-5/8" wood handle and ambidextrous plastic sheath. I have added a loop of shock cord for extra security in the sheath and the base of the blade has notch to create a mini choil to protect your fingers a bit and provide a scraping surface for a firesteel. Sharp and in excellent condition.

    Altoids tin with a flat pack of duct tape (18"), a spool of Spectra fishing line, and a hotel-freebie style sewing kit. Room to spare for more essentials.

    Princeton Tec Fuel LED headlamp. Used and in good working order.
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