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    Exped Ergo @ Easter Hang, Tyresta National Park, Stockholm

    Me and Hank are back from our first Exped Ergo hang !

    But our spring hang turned into a winter hang with snow and negative temps
    Lowest was -2.4 C @ 05.00

    This is not going to be in deapth review of the Ergo at all, just some thoughts.

    To our big surprise we had a lot of visitors at our shelter in this mini blizzard.
    map here
    • First an older man taking a speed break, clearly annoyed that we was there.
    • Then a biker, who warmed himself by our fire before he biked back to Stockholm
    • And last an Australien couple that came walking in the snow, they stayed and chatted for awhile .

    We knew that it would stop snowing around 18.00 , so we didn't put our hammocks up before the snow had stopped.

    I really like the stock setup !
    It's different, smart and quite light, so i might keep it !

    It consist of a approx 8mm soft nylon rope with buttons hols every 10 cm or so.
    To set it up, you simply run it around the tree and put the end through a button hole, do that three times and the friction does the rest , no hardware !

    After that you simply hook the biners on the hammock to a suitable button hole and VOLIA, you are done !

    The tarp is BIG, with strange angles everywhere.
    The tarp has two built in lines at the ridgeline (going to the trees).
    And four built in guy lines, all guy lines has built in storage pockets.
    All lines got built in Line Locks that makes adjustment super easy !
    The tarp also got additional tie out everywhere

    The hammock was surprisingly comfortable , a very nice flat lay !
    But since you use a pad (Exped Synmat UL) to lay on (in a special pocket)
    it's fairly easy to end up beside the pad.

    I froze the hole night, i did a misstake when setting the tarp up.
    I put too high, so when the wind turned i got a draft.
    And i was to lazy to get out and fix it, so i froze

    The hammock itself got a detachable mosquito net and to storage pockets.
    The hammock is very nice to sit in, not in sofa mode, but to actually sit in as in the middle of a bed.

    That made it very easy to dress or mess around with the sleeping bag.

    Finally a pic of my Svea 123 that i really like !

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