Did a test of gear last nite and I liked to burnt up at 37.7 on the weather bug. I hung a Wilderness Logics OldMan Winter tarp with the sides 18" off the ground, and doors shut. Wilderness Logics Snipe and bug net as at 5:30pm the skeeters hate me up while hanging all my gear. They were predicting 35 degrees,,and it got 34 everywhere within 50 miles of me on weather bugs in different areas and on local weather channel, my digital thermometer showed a low of 37.7 about 30 minutes after I got up at 7:30am this morning. I was wearing very light cotton lounge pants, a pair of smart wool socks, and a long sleeve mid weight silk insulated Cabella's top, very light weight and my Black Rock beinie. Slept in hammock with a Top Quilt of 20 degrees rated with one oz. over stuffing and UQ of 20 degrees with one oz of overstuffing,,,both made by Underground Quilts, got up once to pee at 4:30 and what a full moon, then slept like a baby till 7:30 and bailed for coffee. When I woke at 4:30,,dash of sweat around my neck as I had the quilt not covering my face at all at nite and was hot and thought maybe I should try my 40 degree quilt with 3 oz of over stuffing that UQ had made me,,as I was totally toast all nite long and I mean toasty warm,,almost too warm,,lol,,,at 7:30,,,I looked at my digital thermometer,,and it was registering 41 as I had created a my own microclimate inside the OMW tarp with the door completely shut even tho the sides were open 18" off the ground and there was absolutely no breeze, but when I went to rack out at 11pm there was a lite breeze and kinda counted on that and so shut the doors completely..was totally impressed at creating my own micro climate from breathing and body heat as 20 minutes after I got up went back out and digital thermometer had dropped to 37.7. as I had cracked one side of the doors open to get out and get some coffee. Tried the Dutch Flyz on my tarp lines out for the first time and really love the way they so easily hang the tarp and speedily are super to use. Need to get some smaller line as the glowwire is 2mm and want to drop down to the 1.7 mm line as the Dutch Flyz will work even faster and easier and will do so. This is the coldest I have been this year so far and all the gear from our cottage makers worked like a charm. I am super pleased how bomb proof it all is and how toasty I was. Will hang again tonite and use my 40TQ with the 20UQ from Underground Quilts and see how low I can take it with same clothing on as its supposed to drop to 35 again tonite. Will post about it tomorrow. And I will leave the doors open tonite to let the tarp vent alittle. There was a heavy dew on the tarp this morning and the sky was perfectly blue.