Just passing on info from the LSHT Yahoo Group on an effort to organize LSHT Trail users and other interested and concerned parties to help clear the LSHT so that it an be re-opened. This is a heads up, not an announcement of a planned event

Hikers--Please plan to attend an upcoming Trails Workday in the SHNF; I'll let you know where and when. See info below from the Sam Houston Trails Coalition:
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Trail Users,
As most of you know all trails in the Sam Houston NF are closed, because of all the dead trees. In an effort to evaluate the trail system the Forest Service is organizing trail users to help find the dead trees. We need ALL trail users help! User work groups will meet maybe as early as this weekend. When the call goes out we will need as many trail users as possible to bring their motorcycles, four wheelers, bicycles, horses and/or hiking boots to the forest to travel all the trails in the Sam Houston by April 18th.

The plan will be to travel the trails & GPS the dead tree locations within 150' either side.

This is just a pre-begging email to alert you what is going on & so you can pass the word.

Do not go to the forest until the meeting place is communicated to you. Just make ready.

Chris Hardy
Sam Houston Trails Coalition
This is the letter from the LSHT Club that got the ball rolling:

Dear Trail Users—Below is the email sent to the SHNF Acting Superintendent Stephanie Johnson and Ranger Warren Oja on Wednesday from the LSHTClub Board. I do believe it had an impact. A big hats off to President John whose idea this was and who drafted this request!!!!!
Thanks to all of you who support our trail!
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Subject: LSHTrail Club Board Request: Please Rescind Trail Closure and Allow Trail Maintenance to Continue

Dear Stephanie and Warren,

The Board of Directors of the Lone Star Hiking Trail Club implores you to allow the Lone Star Hiking Trail Club to continue trail maintenance and we ask that you rescind your directive prohibiting use of trails in the Sam Houston National Forest.

Every year over 1000 trees fall on The Lone Star Hiking Trail. Crown fires on Tarkington, Big Woods and other sections contribute hundreds of fallen trees each year. Many trees along the trail are dead and will take several years to fall. For the last seven years The Lone Star Hiking Trail Club Maintenance Group has removed these fallen trees from the trail. For every month that the maintenance group cannot work on the trail, over 100 trees will fall on it (regardless of the drought).

Recognizing that trail safety is a personal issue, the members of the Lone Star Hiking Trail Club are ready and willing to help in any way. How can we help the Forest Service with this situation?

On behalf of the members of The Lone Star Hiking Trail Club, who last year volunteered more than 1225 hours maintaining the Lone Star Hiking Trail, we hope that you will allow us to continue our maintenance of the Lone Star Hiking Trail.

Board of Directors, Lone Star Hiking Trail Club

John S. Copenhaver, President and Board Member
Cathy Murphy, Board Chair
Joyce Foegelle, Secretary and Board Member
Rhoda Butler, Board Member
Dave Wade, Board Member