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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendule View Post
    I think I am colorblind for the day with all this fullscreen orange close-up ;-)

    It's the first time I see this idea.

    I am more interested in your thoughts about your system, the why, the pros, the cons, how is it compared to a "regular gathered end", etc.

    Ahah, coincidences, I am supposed to meet him to show him my HG UQ, I guess I could ask to have a closer look at your hammock ^__^
    I like it because it can be folded up like a blanket and laid flat in the backpack. Or it can be rolled up with a mat or sleeping bag and packed that way.
    When opened up it can be used as a 5' W x 10' L shelter tarp if needed.
    The ends are double folded and reinforced with sport nylon and have double eye 1200 lbs BS poly webbing which can easily be removed and reinstalled if needed. They can be used as tree straps too, if you replace them with whoppie's for suspension. It can also be hung like a regular hammock or from all four corners like a bridge hammock. The removable pockets are nice because I can place maps and so-forth in them and pack them on top or below the hammock in my pack. I will do a full review on one soon and put it in the review section. Appreciate your interest!
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