I ordered up my first hammock several weeks ago, a Blackbird 1.1 DL, but haven't had a chance to hang it yet. Needless to say every day the Blackbird was staring at me from the corner of my room, cawing at me to get outside and let it stretch it's wings. Today was the day, gorgeous weather, and some free time. My girlfriend and I took a trip to our local state park, Mt Diablo. Nothing too strenuous, the main goal was just to hang the hammock and test it out.

The pack for the day, a REI Flash 18, I absolutely love this bag for day hikes. I added some shock cord through the loops on the outside to put my sweater or jacket for quick access. It works out great.

The contents: Warbonnet BB 1.1 DL, my rope bag, first aid kit, small fire kit, my Mora Clipper in Kydex sheath with firesteel, rain coat and beanie, a sitting/kneeling pad, and a few waters/snacks tossed in the top.

The drive in, we live about 20 minutes from here so it's not a bad drive at all. It was a really nice day today.

Some pictures of the hike, we didn't go in far there was a good set of trees about 10 minutes in, we scouted further up the trail for a bit but ended up going back.

The spot we found was right on the other side of the creek, hard to make out from this picture though but there is two trees just waiting for a hammock to be hung from them.

My girlfriend and I being goofy

And now the pictures you guys actually want to see, the hammock! This is my first time hanging it, and my first hammock I've owned. I have hung in a grand trunk once or twice and an eno as well. The BB is fantastic, really easy to set up and super comfy once I got myself situated. I still have some work to do on the hang height, the diagonal I lay on and staking it out better. I know, I know, I'll shut up now and make with the pics.

Me making some adjustments

First time planting butt in hammock, it was good. Real good.

Kicking back, enjoying the breeze.

I've always enjoyed the pics that people take from inside the hammock, I didn't know but my girlfriend got me taking a pic from inside, lol.

Here's what I was taking a picture of

Trying not to fall asleep, lol

All in all, today was a success, I'm in the process of moving so that's why my free time has been so limited but once that is sorted out I'll be out and about much more often and there will be hammocking a-plenty!

Thanks for looking.