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    Adding a hip belt to PU Coated Polyester

    Seal Line pack at 70Liters is a nice over-night pack which provides waterproof interior. I've had the pack for a year where some of my own gear testing has provided great results for deep water filled canyon FUN!!

    However, the pack does not have a load bearing hip belt The shoulder straps are excellent but around 25 - 30lbs of gear, the load sits firmly on my shoulders and digs in.

    SO, while dismantling an old frame pack, the hip belt looks like an easy mod/add-on for the Seal Line ... I hope the photo loads/posts correctly ...

    ((((( See Below )))

    NOW: Getting ready to attach the hip belt ... WHAT GLUE or ADHESIVE? Will I need to order a special glue product online? I live in a small town and hope that a general ACE Hardware will have the adhesive product that I need ???

    Backpack material type fabric attached to this polyester material ... will it work? Can it work? Don't try it??

    I'm not looking for full load bearing, I realize there is no frame in the pack, just a little shoulder relief for my next long canyon trek.

    Thanks as always for advice and recommendations !!
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    Second Attempt at the Photos:

    P4070009 by zul2, on Flickr

    P4070012 by zul2, on Flickr

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    If I was trying it would be looking at maybe attaching to the pads where the bottom straps go. You need a lot of reinforcement to take the strain. You might want to figure out how to add a couple of stays so the weight transfers down to the belt from the top attachment point and the pads at the bottom have minimum load but stabilize the pack from swinging back.

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