Has anyone ever tried to make a layered system of underquilts for different temps? I have enough down to make a 0 degree UQ and was planning to do so, but I'm also trying to convert several friends to hanging and would like to have an extra 3 season UQ because here in Houston that translates to a 4 season UQ. I starting wondering if I could make two 3 season UQ's instead of one 0 degree UQ and effectively get a modular system that I could convert into two 3 season quilts or a combined 0 degree quilt.

Basically one of the quilts would have a set of tabs going around it that would allow the second quilt's suspension to attach to it. The second quilt would have a suspension that would allow it to be hooked solo to a hammock or attached to the bottom of the first quilt. I don't think it would be good to have both quilts attach directly to the hammock because the bottom quilt would smash the upper quilt and kill the loft.

Thoughts on this? Has this been tried before?

I tried some creative searching on the forums, but came up empty so if there's already info on this feel free to just point me to that thread