I've got a HH and I know next to nothing about the hanging lifestyle. That being said, I've set my hammock up in the woods near my house and spent only 1 night in it. Slept like a log. Anyway, I've tied bowlines in the suspension lines at each end of the hammock, hooked lightweight caribiners into the bowlines, and used 1" polypropylene straps like those that kayakers use to tie their boats on top of vehicles. Polypro doesn't stretch, the cam buckles make getting the correct tension a piece of cake, and I can use a long strap ( 9',12' ) and just wrap it around a given tree any number of times to increase the wear area on the tree so that it doesn't tear up any bark. Hook the 'biners into the webbing, pull on the loose end through the buckle, and adjust for the tension I want.
Seems like a simple solution to this rookie. What am I missing?