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    I took,,,as I have alot of shafts at home from archery tourney days ago,,found 2413's with 2117's cut 2" long will fit,,and leave enough out for the other end of the 2413 to fit like a sleeve or insert,,used 5/16 knocks on the ends and 1/8 black shock chord on the panel pulls and they fit nice and snug. Cut the shafts with a small copper tube cutter and be sure and sandpaper the ends or use a round file inside to debur..Use 3 sections for a total of 48" including length of that the middle section of the shaft which is smooth and it won't wear into your tarp anywhere so that you don't have to sleeve the tarp like some do. If your considering buying shafts..Arrowhead has 48" carbon pole mods where I got the idea from for sale..and might just be lighter than mine, which are super light,,carbon is more durable than aluminum,,but if you price carbon arrow shafts they can get expensive. Just try some different shafts and you will find probably other sizes that will snug up,,after swabbing the inside of the shaft, and the exterior of the 2117 with acetone,,or any other cleaner,,,I used hot melt (ferril tight) glue to glue the 2117's inside the 2413. Beman shafts,,not sure of the size,,carbon,,,will fit inside the 2117, and you can do the same thing..when heating the aluminum shafts,,just be sure to not overheat and change the color of the aluminum shaft or your christalizing the aluminum and making it will break if you over heat. Alittle heat goes along way. Hope this helps.
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