I'm heading South on the A.T. in July. I'm bringing my JRB BMB Hammock and the Mt. Wash. 4. I figure the MW4 would suffice for the length of the trip, but I'm not sure what to expect (temp. range wise) with the top quilt. I'm debating amongst JRB's top quilts. Would just one of their TQ's be adequate for the length on the trail? Heading South, your hiking into winter months, but at the same time your moving into warmer climate. I also was thinking about my Wiggy's Flexible Temperature Range Sleep System (FTRSS) http://wiggys.com/category.cfm?category=6 . It's 2 sleeping bags, one's for warmer weather, the second is for colder weather. Then when it gets real bitter out, you can zip them together, creating one warm-*** bag. I was conteplating carrying 2 TQ's to mimick the same thing. The added weight wouldn't be the issue, but if it's realistic carrying a UQ & 2 TQ's. Anyone here hike SOBO with JRB's quilts? Or a hammock and quilts of similar nature?