I just purchased this machine, it is metal: Says Brother, Stitch-A-Matic, PaceESetter.

I looked on the head, under the machine, front, back, side, there is a plate on the motor giving the amps, watts and some other information.

I called Brother Custome Service, gave them the information off the motor, they told me it is not the model number.

I spent a lot of time looking Fleabay, and found some that are a little like mine. I came away with seven possible models. I want to buy the Motor Manual for the machine I have.

The machine could be from Europe, would it have English writing on it, or would it have something to tell me if it were from the UK or Russia. I found a web site, from Japan, with a machine that looks like mine, however it is very unclear, the photo is from the Brother Sewing Machine Plant in Japan.

Anyone have some help for me? I sent Brother, photographs, they have not gotten back to me yet, it has been a week. I am not very hopeful.

Thank You,