Took my Eureka Chrysalis to the Charles Deam Wilderness Area outside of Bloomington, IN this weekend.

I continue to love this hammock!

But I had a couple of problems. First, I badly tore the cover. I didn't pull it all the way down to the end before I did a test lay and when I sat, it split about 8-10 inches from the suspension hole. Anyone have a cover only that they want to sell?

Better yet, anybody have suggestions for how I can repair it?

Second, I've *really* got to get an underquilt. I toss and turn all night as it is, so between the slippery hammock, my prolite pad and my slippery sleeping bag, it's like trying to stack marbles on a pitching ship.

I know that people have talked several times about various *ideas* about what we might do, but does anyone have a fairly inexpensive solution? If I've got to spend a couple of hundred bucks for an underquilt, I might as well buy the 2011 version of the Chrysalis with the pad pocket. But I don't WANT to spend $200.