I've been here in Thailand the last three weeks (one of those in Indonesia) and back here for one day today to catch my flight home tonight. I tried calling the factory I work with in Baotong but with the holiday (Thai New Year) no one is there. They have something there that is alcohol smelling that I burn in my little Potted Griz stove. Burns as well as grain if not with a little yellow ... probably from the water in it. I know it comes in a gallon container but it's in Thai script and there's no chance in heck that I can read that. I searched my photos for a picture of the container but it must be on my other hard drive.

The stuff they use at the local restaurant I go to is a blue gel ... or pink gel that's for all I can tell the same as Sterno back home. I figure I can take the wick out of my Potted Grizz stove and use that if in a pinch. I some times carry some of my dehydrated meals with me on the road and if I don't have access to an electric kettle it's nice to have a way to boil water. Unfortunately fuel can be an issue.