I live in Thailand and have begun a vigorous pursuit to find permethrin. One would think that a country that has dengue fever issues and shares borders with 2 countries (Cambodia and Myanmar) that now have outbreaks of drug resistant malaria would have at least a few people who knew about treating clothes with permethrin.

Now I have found sprays that contain permethrin and a few other "added" chemicals. I even had my wife translate one bottle that apparently they can use on bedding and other areas of the house. I would suspect that this may provide some benefit even though it is only .25 percent permethrin. I also found powder that is 1 percent permethrin with no other added chemicals (well I guess 99 percent other chemicals that are inert...or at least they did not think to list the rest of the other chemicals). So I have bought the powder, but now am stymied on concentration when mixed with water. Any budding chemists out there who might be able to determine the proper mix ratio? Anyone else use a powder form previously?

Additionally, if there is anyone who has ever bought a Sawyer's type of permethrin here, I would appreciate any store or brand names.

Thanks for any assistance that you might provide.