Hi all,

I'm new to hammocks and don't actually own one yet but stumbled on this forum when looking to replace my old 2 person tent with a lighter shelter. So I've been lurking around here and certain YouTube channels almost two weeks now and have learned a lot thanks to all of you! Kind of starting to like the idea of hanging off the ground this summer.

Maybe you have suggestions for a suitable 3-season outdoor sleeping system to use in a Scandinavian type of climate low temperatures dropping to 5 C (40 F) on summer nights, relatively high humidity, lots of mosquitoes. Im looking for something that has a good weight/comfort ratio for a 3 week continuous solo hike, provides great deal of insulation also in wet conditions and costs below 500 EUR (650 USD) total, hopefully even much less than that
I prefer more or less breathable materials, don't like heat reflectors at all. Trying to find gear that is also distributed in Europe (shipping and tax reasons).
Possible combinations I've thought of so far:

I. 395 / 2920 g ($516 / 103 oz)
Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer 1.1
DD Tarp
Kick *** Quilts Jarbidge River UQ (half empty pack under feet)
Kick *** Quilts Owyhee TQ
Main plus: just seems the best overall compromise for me
Main concern: 26% tax added to import AHE/KAQ products into EU

II. 368 / 3770 g ($481 / 133 oz)
Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer 1.1
DD Tarp
Big Agnes Encampment Sleeping Bag
Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad
Main plus: go-to-ground capability
Main concern: rolling off the pad, regardless of integrated sleeve on the sleeping bag

III. 489 / 2637 g ($639 / 93 oz)
Warbonnet Blackbird Double Layer 1.1
DD Tarp
UKhammocks 2/3 Summer UQ (pack as pad under feet)
UKhammocks Summer TQ
Main plus: weight
Main concern: down quilts soaking up moisture and losing insulation properties

IV. 326 / 3402 g ($426 / 120 oz)
DD Frontline Hammock
DD Tarp
Snugpak Underblanket
Kick *** Quilts Owyhee TQ
Main plus: cost
Main concern: shoulder room

Sorry this turned out so long... I'm grateful for any kind of advice and comments you may have.