I was one of the ones who got stuck in limbo while Hammock Gear dealt with the cuben backorder. Once the cuben backorder issue was resolved, HG got my order out quickly.

This past weekend, I got the new tarp and got to use it on Springer Mountain.

As expected, I'm very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship. I didn't get to test it in a storm, but that just gives me something else to look forward to.

Here's a couple of pics of the maiden voyage on Springer Mountain.

That night, the moon was as big and bright as I have ever seen. It was very cool having a semi-see-thru tarp to watch the moon throughout the night.

No, the tarp didn't sag overnight. I was untying the guylines (starting at the one in the back left), when I turned around and noticed the sun coming up through the woods, so I snapped a quick pic.

It's great when the product you receive lives up to the hype that everyone has given it. Consider this my chance to add to the hype.