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    Got my bugnetting done

    I added the shock cord to the edges to stop the swinging. They work pretty good, but had issues with how the bug netting fit. I ended up using the velcro opening to my advantage by opening it up to adjust for the wider hang caused by the shock cord. Overall really happy with how it turned out. I would say that the pattern makes it a little too small. If I do it again, I'd make the tapered end cuts at 15" instead of 20".


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    Nice professional looking job on both the hammock & net!
    Love your backyard too - perfect for hanging
    "Life is a Project!"

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    I took it for a test hang last night. Went with about 12 boy scouts, hiked in about 3 miles, setup and hung the night. This was my first night in this hammock and my first night in any hammock besides in my backyard.

    The hammock, whoopies, tree slings all worked great! The bug netting is just too small. I'll have to order up some more no-seeum and try again. I'll have to modify the instructions so I can get something that works. I had three times during the night where I shifted to my side and it pulled the bug netting off.

    When I got up in the AM there were pill bugs everywhere. Literally thousands of them. I had heard stuff falling during the night and figured it was twigs, leaves and stuff because the wind was blowing pretty bad in the tops of the trees. I was wrong, it was pill bug dive bombers! I had them all over my bug net, so in that respect it worked well. Better than my buddy and his son, who were bug netless.

    The bug net does fit my buddies ENO double nest perfectly, so I'll give it to him and make another for me.

    Really happy with the hang,

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