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    Survival At Work

    Has hammock camping helped you with workplace survival? What camping creature comforts have you managed to backpack to work?

    Seriously, I do think I'm surviving at work better now that I've learned a thing or two from hammock camping. It seems lately that quite a bit of what I've learned hammock camping is now helping me survive long 12 hour days at work. It's a sort of 'mindset' when you're camping & backpacking. You learn what the basics are that you need to have with you. What a difference they make for me! For example:
    1) Packing into my office some basic office survival gear. Water bottle, snacks, instant coffee...
    2) My dehydrated backpacking meals make an awesome meal from boiling water with a kettle at work. (My fav right now is black beans and brown rice with turkey).
    3) And most of all, taking power naps in my folding hammock chair. The caffeinated power nap for 20 minutes and I feel totally refreshed. I'm doomed without it.

    (If you are young and impressionable you might want to avert your eyes from all this great pr0N )

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