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    Quote Originally Posted by Noshtero View Post
    Hmm Here's my suspension now:
    Hammock end with the channel through it
    2' strapworks poly strap through that
    Biner through the two ends of the 2' strap to hold them together
    12' strapworks strap with a cinch buckle somwhere on it to adjust it's length
    Biner on the end of the 12' strap to secure it around a tree

    I made a loop on the 12'er and fed that loop through the cinch buckle by feeding it up one side of the floating bar and down the other side. I could then pull on that loop as hard as I wanted and the cinch buckle would never slide. Unfortunately, since the strap was doubled up going through the buckle, it was a ROYAL pain to adjust. I had tried something similar to Schneiderlein's post, but instead of cord being tied to the cinch buckle, I tried to snap the biner that was holding the 2' strap together through the side of the cinche buckle. I think the biner must have been cocking the floating bar to one side because when I sat in the hammock the strap slipped through the cinch buckle. Have a rope apply a uniform pull on one side of the cinch buckle might work a whole lot better. I just had it in my mind that between the 2' strap and 12' strap, I wouldn't need any rope.

    Would it make sense to run the 2' strap through the hammock end channel, then use a short length of rope to tie the strap to a cinch buckle? Or is there a better way to attach the 2' strap to the buckle? Should I ditch the 2' strap and just use rope. I was told that rope can tear the hammock because it doesn't slide like poly strap.
    I just use rope from the hammock to cinch buckle on the Claytor and my other hammocks. So hammock, then rope, then Cinch buckle, then webbing, then tree. A loop on the webbing at the "tree" end with a carabiner thru it, webbing wrapped around the tree and biner clipped around the webbing. Adjustment could not be quicker or smoother. Major adjustments can be made in seconds. Hammock set up time is maybe a minute or two, plus tarp time( using Snake Skins) of a few minutes. If you are concerned about the rope causing some wear in the channel, you might want to use somewhat thicker rope, or a double strand of rope, or both. I would NOT put the loop through the CB, though I'm not sure I am getting the correct picture. Again, Just run the non looped end of the 12 foot strap thru the CB and around the center bar "pointing" towards the hammock and rope. Put the biner through the loop and wrap it around the tree. Bring it all the way around and clip it back onto the webbing.

    Re: the water coming in: is your cinch buckle under the tarp? With that 2 feet of webbing through the channel, your CB might be a ways from the hammock. I use the shortest piece of rope that I can to the CBs, not more than a few inches. If you have a max of 6" on each end between hammock and the CBs, plus 10 feet of hammock pulled tight, that would give you potentially 11 feet total needing coverage. With 13 feet of Claytor tarp, that should be fine. But with 2 ft of webbing on each end, that might be too long, maybe way too long.

    I have found no need for a ridge line with the Claytor diamond tarp, plenty of coverage. Of course, if you want one it won't hurt, as long as it does not provide a path for water. Just make sure that CB is covered at least a small amount. Otherwise water may run in.

    Re: Shoulder squeeze- most likely hammock stretched way too tight. Even though the Claytor is narrow, I don't find a problem with squeeze. Put a little more sag( or a lot) in the hammock, and try a diagonal lie. Or a midline lie with your feet way out to the sides. The Claytor is pretty forgiving of amount ( a lot or a little) of sag, but too tight will squeeze you.

    "Hang" in there, and welcome to the dark side! Way to go starting out in a deluge! Every thing else will seem easier.

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    Ok, I have 20' of Amsteel blue 1/8" line and 100' of Pro Marlow 3mm line coming. I'm also going to play around with a 12" or so spreader bar in the hammock support channles. I figure I've got enough cord coming to play with structural ridgelines, tarp ridgelines, accessory cables, etc...

    I'll report back after my next hang, which will be this coming weekend

    Thanks again for all the help! You guys are dynamite!

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