Ok folks i pulled the trigger and my first basic set up is on its way should have everything by my next days off! this is what i bought and why

Snugpak jungle hammock $57 (outdoor bunker on amazon)
400lb rating and with bug net and suspension 20 oz. also with this i can afford to play and mod with and not out alot if somehow If it rips and runs on me

DD Hammocks 3m x3m tarp with 15' of 6mm line and snakeskins $92 ( $68-tarp $10-line $14-snakeskins)
wanted something more than a walmart and something lighter than a kelty or guide gear, I also thought this should last for at least one full year and well into winter, so thinking is here more mods to ridgline guy lines not the tarp.

Tarp snakeskins $16 from nkoutdoors ( hey its charity ) and because i thought it would be nice and i cant stop myself!
so total for first set up so far( yes i said so far) $165

with all that being said i have posted another thread in the suspension section some more questions if you can please check it out lol

looking forward to probably a sb 1.9 for winter and maybe a bigger lighter oes tarp..and yes and ug and tq well what about a gear hammock......lol

will post pics and reviews ( a noobs review)!