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    Getting ready for my purchace finally

    Getting ready to go on a few scout trips within the next couple weeks and need to get this stuff on order. So please help me get what I need. Ready to spend around $500 if I have to. (maybe more if I need to but dont want to)

    1. Was a tossup between Blackbird 1.1, Dangerbird 60 (but cant wait for the backorder wait time). Also, looked at HH but none have DL except the Deep Jungle (which from different posts about it the pad isnt the greatest).
    So looks like the Blackbird wins that tossup.

    2. So onto tarps. I'm looking for full coverage, panel ends might be helpful. I guess more of a 3-4 season tarp. Cost wise I'm alright with spending around $150. So which one should I go with.
    What about this one(

    3. Suspension - what is the easiest setup? Whoopie Slings? or something else?

    4. Anywhere to get the titanium stakes cheap (the v stakes). Are the aluminum v stakes just as good?

    5. Anything else I'm missing? I know TQ and UG but I'm going to go for sleeping bags for now and maybe poncho liners for uq just to see how it goes. Whats the best cheapest UQ?

    Thanks all

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    There is a huge thread on the sportsman guide tarp. They have been a major disappointment from models from previous years. I just ordered a Chinook 12x9.5 tarp that has gotten pretty good reviews for the price. I got mine for $33 plus shipping at

    Webbing or whoopies are good suspension choices. It isn't depends on bulk and weight you want to handle. I started with webbing but recently made some slings. I think I am going to like them better. Good luck and have fun!

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    Remember that warbonnet also has a wait time. Dont get me wrong it is the hammock of my choice but mine is yet to arrive. All of these makers with the exception of maybe DD have waiting times. Warbonnets appears to be four weeks on theirs. I ordered mine three weeks ago and have yet to get shipping notification. This means I will not have it for the next scout trip but I feel it is worth the wait. Just wanted you to know since you seemed to be shooting at a deadline.
    Where ever you go,
    There you are.

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    Great choice of hammocks. And the adjustable web suspension on the WBBB is quick and easy. Just add a set of Dutch clips and your set.
    I have had many tarps but I always go back to the Warbonnet superfly.
    The only thing else I think is a must, ( for me anyway ) is a UQ. I personally like Hammock Gears UQ's and TQ's.
    I use a poncho linneg converted as a TQ and a warmer sleeping bag converted as a TQ for colder hanging. I did have a 20* burrow but it was just too warm for me...

    For the whole setup you are looking at around $500

    Happy hanging

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