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    Hi all!
    Been interested in hammock camping for a while now, but finally got a chance to just a few weekends ago. Thankfully I discovered HF a few days before--I had no idea regarding insulation and hammocks. I didn't have enough time to buy or make an underquilt, but I did bring along an extra blanket. I was able to rig up a very rough 3/4 length gathered-end UQ with the blanket. Temps dropped into the 30s on the first night and down to 23F (record for Ramstein for 1 Apr!) on night two.
    Made it through the night on my first hang in sub-freezing temps thanks to the advice from HF! (I've since picked up a few more items...especially an underquilt).

    Will post a photo of the site later...

    First two photos show the basic setup. Replaced the cords from the ENO tarp w/ reflective cord (Night Ize)--it was at a Scout campout, and I didn't want any kids clotheslining themselves. The white line visible on the end is the lead from the UQ, which is hanging a bit below the Singlenest. When I was in the hammock, the UQ was snugged up against me. I had braided lines of 550 cord for suspension--have since replaced them with whoopie slings.
    Last pic is of the camp's rinsing bucket the following morning.
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