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I have some very similar material, in a 300 by 400 denier. I didn't see the denier on that, but I can tell you, you will not like the "hand" on that. It is pretty difficult to sew, difficult to roll hems, difficult to feed through the machine unless you have a walking foot (the stiffness of the fabric, and the slickness, just make it funky). Just my two cents. if you try it, please post how it turned out.
Ah... that is good advice .... IŽll go with something else then. Thanks hippofeet!

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I would go for this one personally, you need your hammock material to allow your body to breath slightly.

Thanks for the advice Mat!
Is it a problem that it is not ripstop?
BTW I'm still wating for you to get that 1.1 DL WBBB in stock
I emailed you at ukhammocks about last week (as Frans Andersson)