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Enough good things cannot be said about the folks on this forum and it's moderators. As others more eloquent than me have said, "Hammock Forums is my Facebook."

It's an educational hub, a social hub, a get out in the fresh air hub, etc, etc. it's a Welcome Center for hammockers and those just curious about hammocks.

The sub-title of this forum should be, "The friendliest place on the Internet "
I agree, We share because we have too like Karl said. It's not been in the main stream much and innovation there is somewhat lacking. So cutting edge within our microcosm is imperative for us.

And this is my Facebook too. I can share what I do here without boring or confusing someone in the group because we're all plugged into the same channel!

But maybe it is simply the trees like Diva said! Never trust a person who doesn't care about trees or the environment that supports them....and therefor us.