I would like to thank every on here for running such a helpful and informative site. I havent been very vocal but I have been taking notes.

Well here is my first hammock setup. I have always in the past, been a ground dweller using tent, tarp or debris, however the ground was awful hard this past winter. I'm either getting older or the ground is getting denser! I went on the cheap side until I find out if I can sleep in a hammock. It did make spending my REI dividends eiasier this time. I went with the ENO Double Nest.

I felt creative and made my own 10' whoopie slings, from 1/8 amsteel blue, with locked Brummels. I went with the Guardian bugnet, very heavy and appears fairly bullet proof but very unwieldy (think I feel some mods coming on with this net!). This net certainly cut back the air flow!! I did not like the external ridge line and decided to support it with a structural ridge line (a piece of 550 for now) and it gives me a place to hang my light. When I dont need the net,I found that I can slide the guardian up onto one of the whoopie slings (kind of like a snake skin) and shuve it in it sack.

When I take the hammock down, I tighten up the whoopies, wrap the the net around the hammock till it looks like a rope, take the whole setup down and stuff it into one of my old sleeping bag sack.

My stepson lounging in the hammock, he is much more photogenic than me!!

Just ordered my 6' tree straps from Arrow Head, hopefully I will receive them by mid week. I have a REI 10x10 tarp I will use with it untio I figure out what I am doing.

I still have to get the droop right to get a flat lay. It is getting better though. Might try to get a night in it this upcoming weekend.

Thanks again all.