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    SOLD: Closet Sale

    I have a bunch of things I no longer need or use (or never used in the first place!) so I am looking to pass them on.

    #1: Cook Kit: Includes a new Zelph Foster's Ridgeline pot, new Venom super stove, 4 oz alcohol bottle (no fuel in it!) and an orange Guyot designs squishy bowl and cup (used but in excellent shape). $35 shipped CONUS. SOLD

    #2: Sierra Designs green size med down moccasins. New, but off the tag board. These run small. Will likely only fit a men's 8 or smaller. I thought I had a buyer in a previous sale, but it fell through and I never relisted them. $23 shipped CONUS.

    #3: Some Buff knock-offs from Tansclub. These are very similar to the real deal. I would say they are slightly thinner, but for the price difference I was happy with them. The shipping from Tansclub was just outrageous, so I bought a whole bunch trying to make it worth it but now I have way too many. I have nine available, three each in woodland camo, yellow paisley, and a pirate pattern. $4 each shipped CONUS. (SOLD)

    #4: A gray M90 Climashield pillow with shock cord and mitten hook. It got taken on one trip but wasn't used. $18.50 shipped CONUS. SOLD

    #5: A well used medium Timbuk2 messenger bag. Black outer panels, and royal blue center panel. Logo is silver. The inner waterproof lining has started to crack. One of the reflective tabs was ripped off. The buckle is still there but I still don't know what happened to the tab. There are two slight chew marks on the shoulder strap donated for free by my rabbit Widget. They have been there basically since I got the bag, but haven't gotten worse over many years of use. Aside from the wear noted, the outside of the bag is in good shape. Still lots of life left in it. Recently laundered. $30 shipped CONUS.

    #6: A 1.9 oz double-layer hammock. The ripstop is from Jo-Ann's. This was one of the first hammocks I ever made. The stitching isn't bad, but I definitely have a better standard now. Red inner and black outer. Very similar in appearance to the one on my website. It is pretty short, measuring about 8' x 5' and it's heavy. The two layers are not sewn together along the sides. Might make a good yard hammock for a kid, or a shorter person. Comes with 7/64 Amsteel whoopies attached, fixed Amsteel ridgeline, and Bishop bag. No tree straps. $35 shipped CONUS. SOLD

    #7: Weird stuff I don't want to sell, but that you may have for whatever the actual cost of shipping and Paypal fees are.
    -Large IMUSA mug (Spoken for)
    -MSR Spatula (Spoken for)
    -XL Campmor compression caps (Spoken for)
    -ENO slap straps (got 'em in a trade, I was being nice... ) (Spoken for)
    -Brunton canister stove stand (Spoken for)
    -Steripen neoprene case (Spoken for)
    -Paracord bracelet, reflective blue and black for ~8" wrist, buckle is a little big (Spoken for)
    -Paracord bracelet, glow in the dark green and black, ~9" wrist, buckle is a little big (Spoken for)
    -Paracord bracelet, glow in the dark green and reflective black for ~8" wrist, buckle is a little big

    Phew! First to post "I'll take it" or "Dibs" gets the item in question. Thank you!
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