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    Permethrin treatment - alternative to Sawyers

    I have recently been using the following product:
    Bonide BedBug Killer

    Here is the MSDS:

    Currently, Sawyers can be had from Amazon for approximately 66 cents per ounce.
    Depending on the quantity of Bonides that you buy, it can be gotten between 16 and 32 cents per ounce. I recently bought 4 gallons for 32 dollars from Amazon (free shipping, Wow), but that deal is no longer available. That works out to 6 cents per ounce.

    You could probably get a better cost per ounce by diluting a TS concentrated product, but I prefer Bonides because 1) its the exact same concentration as Sawyers so no fiddling with dilution 2) it is marketed to be applied to bedding ie next to skin 3) it is suspended in an aqueous solution rather than petroleum so no petroleum smell later and 4) much cheaper than Sawyers.

    So, if you are one of those guys (like me) that doesn't like the smell of the TS product and is nervous about the potential of using it in a non-prescribed manner but don't like paying Sawyer prices, Bonides seems to be a good alternative.

    My testing with the product has proved it is as effective as Sawyers in all respects
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