I have for sale my Hennessey Expedition that I got just less than a year ago. It is in excellent shape and has been babied. I opted to get the hex tarp when I ordered this which I plan on keeping so this will just be the hammock itself. I removed the stock suspension and replaced it with the AHE chain link and cinch buckle kit. I would also like to keep this and return it to stock but will sell it with the kit on there for the right price as I ended up paying a little extra between materials and shipping for a dumb mistake that I made. I am only selling because I am trying to go as light as possible and could use the money for new addition to the family. I am newer to all this and I don't know what a fair price really is so I will start by asking $115 OBO. So please don't hesitate to PM me with an offer you think if fair. BTW I am 6'1" and around 200lbs and managed to be very comfortable in this.