I'm looking for some tips on hammock camping in the mangroves. I've done a lot of camping before, but only once with a hammock. I'm looking to kayak to a mangrove island, pitch a hammock in the mangroves and stay there a few days. I had a dry run last weekend to see if it was even possible to set up a hammock in the mangroves. It was a successful dry run, but I didn't set up a tarp/bugnet etc.

Does anyone have any tips? One thing I'm worried about is not having enough mangrove roots in the right places to tie my tarp to. Or that the roots will be too flexible or just break.

As I live in Florida, and summer is approaching, I am almost certain there will be rain and bugs.

Since we will be kayaking and not hiking, weight isn't a huge issue. I just need a functional setup.