I have an eno SingleNest and used to have some eno SlapStrap Pros. Turns out, I lost 'em (the straps- not the hammock). Granted, they did have stretch, but I really did appreciate the ease of set-up and variability of length. Judging by how everyone on here seems to hate those, though, I think I'll try something else, now that I need to get something to hold up my hammock anyway. But what?

I've been perusing these forums, and everything seems (almost) Greek to me. There are Dutch hooks, and Whoopie Slings, and I don't know what any of those are. I thought I knew about hammocks, but apparently not. I even built a stand last year and slept in it for about two months straight!

So, my question- is there something, either similar to the SlapStraps (but without the stretch) or at least with similar ease of set-up that won't require other connections or knots I'll need to tie? As far as DIY goes, I'd really just prefer it if I could go to a place like Gander Mtn. or REI and get it all-in-one, no assembly required. Or a website where I can just click "purchase."

I know I'm probably over-simplifying, but if someone could just point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it!