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    Like Lewis & Clark: Wintrin' o/t Columbia again: PDX
    Clark w 2QZQ mod,Tropical, NX;Nano
    Clark micro
    Major down
    7/64 SK75 +strap

    SOLD: 1.75 Yellow Spectra/Dyneema Throw Line

    Tie me out, tie me down

    450 lb Breaking Strength, with slightly stiff, waxy,and flaky flourescent yellow coating / treatment. Hollow, splice after opening with #3 knitting needle.

    Name: Chuck-It (tm)

    How diff from Z-Line Dyneema?
    Dunno, and hope a buyer of both tells us.

    100 feet for $8.60 +$2 First Class mail and handling.
    For Delivery Confirmation and Priority Mail: add $4.

    Weight 180g /100m, 1.9 oz / 100ft. Nominal Size 1.75mm BS: 450 lb.

    This is NOT, by feel, the premium (Samson Zing-It (tm)?) throw line Warbonnet guy makes his ridgelines of. But, I am equipping a number of rain flys with it, after buying a sample first. Offered up is extra: cheap, light, bright & strong.

    Several hundred feet still for sale.

    I promise to mail. See above for the complete security package.

    Paypal to my handle with gmail, and make it impossible, by PM (personal message), for me to not connect
    • your HF handle / moniker,
    • who has paid by Paypal
    • and who and where it is to be mailed.

    Yes, I'll take cash and I will mail outside the US for cost difference.
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