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Thank you, yes the BiaS looks really nice! Will contact them about that and also what bug net they suggest.

Actually, since it's already so light, is there really any advantage to getting a tailored, tiny one? Doesn't length add to comfort? (If they do that, I won't be able to borrow it since I'm 6'2" )

Current preliminary plan: Get both a WBBB SL 1.1 and BiaS and then we take turns using the best one. Then a SuperFly, and... some UQ.
The Baby Orca looks nice but I wish it were just a bit warmer, 5-10 degrees more. Maybe Orca + space blanket? The Yeti is a bit pricy.
I'll get with Brian and see what we have left on the shelf from before we went to standard 11 footers. I'll shoot you a PM in the morning with what we have. We'll always go shorter on anything we make at no extra.

Also, we're currently prototyping bugnets, but haven't had a lot of "play time" to work on them. Feel free to email or call.(our numbers are on the site)