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    bridge hammock anyone?

    Hey everyone! I've been backpacking with a hammock for a few years and want to keep that going on my next trip - soho AT. I'm going to be using poles so I figure I might as well allow myself the luxury of a bridge hammock. One problem - I have never laid in a bridge hammock. On paper it seems great and I've done enough research but I need to make sure its comfortable for me before I make the plunge.


    Anyone in the nyc area have a bridge hammock I can test out? It would be a great help.


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    BMBH loaner

    I have one your welcome too. I don't live in Ny but if your hiking in the Pa. area and want to use it for the weekend your welcome to it. Plan an overnighter around the 18704 area code and your in. Hope this helps. Bob Mac

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