Im an ex-hanger. I used to hammock camp even in winter, but as I was trying to lighten my load, my hammock kit seemed heavier and heavier as my ground sleeping system got lighter and lighter. This was especially true when the weather was cold, and I backpack year-round. My hammock was the Hennessy UL Backpacker Asym with a JRB Nest underquilt when needed.

I know that there are new hammocks, new suspension systems, new tarps, etc. that are much lighter than my old hammock system. Id like to find out just how much the weight penalty would be (if any) to get back into a hammock. I know this is the place to get my questions answered.

Im interested in the lightest options, ideally with bug protection and 4-season worthiness, but I would also consider a hammock system that I would only use in summer. For comparisons to my miserable, lowly, ground-dwelling system (but very light), here are the weights:

Hexamid shelter with full bug net, cuben ground cloth, 8 ti stakes: 13.4 oz
NeoAir pad: 12.4 oz

Quilt for temps 40 degrees and above: JRB Shenandoah: 16.0 oz
Quilt for temps 25 degrees and above: JRB Sierra Sniveller: 21.7 oz
Below freezing would supplement NeoAir pad with Evazote pad weighing 5 oz
Sleeping bag for temps below 25 degrees: Western Mountaineering Badger: 40.6 oz

As you can see, my shelter and sleep system come in under 3 pounds for most of the year, and just over 4 pounds even in the winter. How close to this can I get in a hammock? Many thanks for your ideas. Oh, BTW, I'm 225 lbs, so hammock system would have to deal with that.