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    Snugpak Jungle Hammock

    This is my first hammock and being new i do not know how much help it will be but here it goes.. the hammock was pretty much as advertised on pro force equipment, and you can also google snugpak usa, and weight was 1lb 10 oz. That was out of the little carrying case that it comes in, a nice square ditty bag with mesh on one side and see thru plastic on the other. The hammock itself is stored in its own pocket that is double stitched on the side. I must say that I prefer to use this then the snakeskin i bought from dd hammocks for it, it is way more compact and easy to use. The suspension system it comes with is 550 cord on two climbing carabiners. The cords themselves are knotted in set increments after the initial loop. the bug netting while single stiched to the zipper is attached rather well and the zippers are double stiched. The system also includes four guylines to hold up the netting, which has six sleeves (three on each side) and the also have them on the inside which to hang gear etc..The gathered ends are tripled stiched and besides the suspension seems rather well constructed for the money. Being 350 lbs it has not been too big of an issue with room or comfort so far. With that being said I have not really gone farther then the backyard and the state park.. Once i have updated my suspension system and some mods to the bugnet suspension i do believe i got a real sweet deal for 57 bucks.. I bought it on amazon from outdoor bunkers. For a beginner and with a little mod not bad..wish it had a double bottom, but hey that is what upgrades are all about!:lol
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