Hey folks, so it came in today, my Dangerbird 54 and at 14.25 ounces i am pleased.

It did take some getting use to with the zipper, it is a single track so the zipper do not cross over one another and you can not use the overcover with the nossenum.

Sorry it was a short video, rain was coming and it was getting dark. Will do a better review this weekend as section hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Here where my specs.
DangerBird - 114" x 56" give or take.
Body - Single layer, 1.1oz Ripstop Color: Black
Overcover - Momentum 90 Steel Gray Colors here:
Netting - .9oz Noseeum
Zipper - #3 coil with double tab sliders
Zipper Pulls - knotted 1/16th cord
Zipper Hoods - Momentum ripstop
Ridgeline Organizer - Noseeum
Foot Peak Bag - Noseeum
Head Peak Bag - Momentum
Suspension - Dynaglide with Dutch Whoopie Hooks & short tree huggers
Ridgeline - Dynaglide
Stuff Sack - double ended (Momentum)

Here is the video in HD:


Mobile version is here:

Thank you again papasmurf, mine again is a stripped down version of a dangerbird with lighter materials, and smaller bag covers. Papa Smurf did an excellant job.