Ok, my Dangerbird 60 arrived today. My color choices were the black body, with green overcover. First pulling it out of the package you can notice right away that the workmanship is great. Perfect seams, hems....all just great. Papasmurf knows his way around a thread injector, no doubts there!

Ok, so here's a review with my limited time in the rig. I logged about an hour or more laying and messing with set up.

All the options are really neat. The view from inside the hammock with the netting closed is very nice and open, moreso than my Blackbird. One thing I noticed is that you want to pull the zippers down on the netting a small distance before you get in the hammock, otherwise you could have trouble reaching up into the end of the hammock to retrieve them. The head end of the hammock contains the overcover, which you can easily reach up and grab the zippers to pull the cover over you. Getting into the hammock was a little strange for me the first time because I needed to avoid the tie outs, but this was really a non-issue. The hammock seems to lay very nicely, and I will tell you why I say "seems to". I tried setting it up with different suspension angles and what not, and tried every body position I could. I could get comfortable, but not that "ready to sleep" comfortable. More like a nap, or read a good book comfortable. After messing with it for a considerable time, I came to the conclusion that I'm jus too tall for it. I'm 6'-6" tall, about 220 pounds. My body just covers too much of the hammocks length, even on the diagonal, for it to be an effective hammock for me to camp in. I was very upset because this is one SWEET hammock! I love the innovations Randy put into it, just so cool. But with all that being said, it's not for me.

There is a plus side to this though. My fiancée, who has been wanting to try a hammock when we backpack, will love this hammock. She hasn't laid in it yet, but I just know she will. She loves the lay of our ENO DN, and the material (which is the same as this Dangerbird). She is only 5'-3" tall, so I know she is going to crawl into this and just love it. I knew going into this purchase that if the hammock didn't work for me, I would have a really cool hammock to give her

So, she will give it a whirl tomorrow and let me know what she thinks. If for some unknown reason she doesn't like this thing...then watch the for sale forums fellas.

I want to say thanks again to Randy for the ease of ordering and constant updates. It was a pleasure buying from you and wouldn't hesitate again for a minute. Good luck in the future of DreamHammock!