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    My first hammock sleeping experience

    I decided to sleep in my sons HH Scout this morning when I got off of work. First time its been slept in and the only time I really slept in a hammock. I work 3rd shift so I know it'll get bright as the sun comes up but the weather would be perfect. Waiting on my WBBB 1.1 as I type this....cant wait for it.
    Anywho, right as soon as I got in it a dang car alarm goes off right down the road. I climb in my sleeping bag (only thing I got right now) and right when I get comfortable guess what? I have to pee again....****. So I get out and by this time the sun is shinning bright. So I grab some ear plugs and a pair of light sunglasses before I climb back in (ear plugs since I'm only 30 feet from the road). About 5 minutes later I fall asleep and wake up again around 11am for you know what? Have to pee again This time its really really bright outside and I just decided there was no way I was going to get back to sleep. So I just went inside after taking the hammock down and fall asleep in my bed.
    Overall it wasnt a bad experience, woke myself up a couple times at the beginning from snoring. Not used to sleeping on my back (usually on my side or belly). I have a really bad back so it took a few times moving around to get comfortable. Still cant wait for my WBBB.................................

    Edit....quick question - While setting up the hammock the tarp was not tight at all along the ridgeline. The hammock seemed to be hung correctly. Any suggestions or a link to a good video on setting this thing up?

    Also, what is the easiest tree install setup for my son (he is 10)? Right now it is bone stock with tie out string and two 4' tree straps. It doesnt seem to easy to set up at all. THanks
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    Was the ridge line too loose, maybe? The RL on my daughter's scout was way too loose.

    As far as the easiest way to hang for your son, I'd say use rings and biners or switch to whoopies.
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