For sleeping overnight I like to use a bridge hammock. While at home I find it less than relaxing to use the bridge. I figured a GE would work the best for lounging but I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg just to have a porch hammock, weight isn't an issue. I went to my local thrift store, bought two cotton queen sized sheets for $7 and whaala!

photo-16 by pappy2012, on Flickr

Queen sized sheets make a super comfortable hammock. As you can see this is a double layer hammock so I can stick blankets between the layers for when its cooler here in the NW. I played around with different ways of gathering the ends and found that the most comfort providing way was to have the ends pretty loose. Since sleeping overnight, weight, and stretching rope not an issue I used three loops of 550 cord in the channels. Its nice to be able to sit on the porch with my wife and daughter in the hammock with me. I also like how the cotton material doesn't stretch like taffeta or ripstop.

In this photo you can see the wool blanket in between the layers. To keep it from moving around to much and bunching up I've attached it with safety pins to the blue bottom layer.

photo-17 by pappy2012, on Flickr

Here I am sitting in my hammock enjoying a nice cup of hot mate. I highly recommend that if you want a perfect lounging hammock then get a couple queen sized sheet and get ready for home lounging to be shot to the moon!

photo-15 by pappy2012, on Flickr