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    UQ recommendations for BIAS WW

    So I'm planning to get a 10' Butt in a Sling Weight Weenie for my wife (who is 5 feet tall), once they finish developing its bug net.

    Which UQ would you recommend? Expected temps are 40 to 70 F, but it should feel warm and cozy down to 30 F. We have a nice and warm Speer TopBlanket.

    MM Baby Orca is not warm enough. The AHE Jarbridge is very affordable and seems decent, but I think it's worth it to order down right away unless someone convinces me otherwise; it's not often that we order things from the US...
    So, HG Phoenix 20? Te-Wa Freeze? WB Yeti? FlameThrower? Something else?

    The above 4 are all about the same price. Since they're 3/4, maybe I should go with the longest one so it covers her as much as possible.

    It would be great to hear what everyone uses for their BIAS.
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