here is my ultra light set up specs, although not as light as possible, but i'm not to worried about saving weight. i haven't officially weighed everything, i'm just going off the specs of what they are listed as. anyway, just hoping to get some input on things i could do better/different.

Grand Trunk UL Hammock- weight 12oz. limit 250lbs

3mm Spectra @ 2ft/side- weight ??? limit 2100lbs

SMC Descending Rings(4)- weight 11gr/ring(4)=1.5oz total. limit 14 kilonewtons/ring=12,589lbs total. 1" polyester Straps @ 10ft/side- weight ??? limit 2500-7000lbs.

Trecklight Carabiners(2)- weight .8oz/carabiner=1.6oz total limit 1100lbs/carabiner=2200lbs total.