a few of us that live reasonably close have already hammocked together on the trail & there has been mention of trying to do more.
i know there are several in NC. & connecting states.
maybe we can try to look toward another trip soon.
and maybe others will do the same... like the TENN folks are doing.
and of course if we plan a trip somewhere in NC like linville gorge wilderness area or where ever, maybe it will be close enough that some of those in VA, TENN, SC, or GA would be able to join us & vice-versa.
i generally try to keep the one nighters with-in 2.5 to 3 hours driving time, but i'll drive a little farther for two nights.
only problem is that the people i work for don't want me taking fridays off. i could probably take a monday off on occasion, but it will be w/o pay... so not to often<g>.
anyway, just wanted to see if there were a few that wanted to start looking toward another trip. ...tim