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    finnaly used my home made hammock

    well me and the wife went out for a over night kayack trip and i finnaly got to use my two hammocks that i made, to make a long story short the trip was good. setting up camp well plain stunk.. first off i forgot the small first aid kit that i all ways carry and of course this time i needed it. darn near cut my thumb off with the small ax i was using to make a couple of stakes for the tarps i was putting up. this was the first time out for the hammocks in an actual have to use or be eaten alive by skeeters situation. so i tore up me shirt and wrapped up my thumb and the wife tied some thin string around it to hold the make shift bandage on. so after that i was laying down in my hammock and i herd this loud pop followed by an immediate sound of Ripping nylon and then me crashing to the ground. what the heck now its close to dark and i didnt feel like paddling 2 miles back to the truck.. so i tied a big knot in the end of the hammock which made it shorter than it shoul have been but i didnt care, at least i had a place to sleep off the ground protected from the skeeters. im still trying to figure out why one ond failed and the other end was fine and the wifes hammock worked just great i think this time im gonna go a different route and use some 1000dnr woodland cordura i know its alot heavier than sil nylon but then i might get a way with out having to use a sleeping pad in it to keep skeeters from biting through it.
    and yes those are cheap poly tarps im gonna get around to making some real tarps as soon as i work out my new hammock. well i checked on my wife the following morning and found her to be snug as a bug in a rug or a hammock so i was glad to hear when she woke up that she slept so great and wasent sore from sleepin on the ground.. these arent the best pics they are taken with my phone..
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