Butt in a Sling is having a limited time offer. We're selling our WEIGHT WEENIE HAMMOCK with a FULL SUSPENSION SYSTEM for $55 playing off the success of our $50 Camper Hammock System. Quantities are limited and the offer will not last long.

You get:
1) an 8 oz. Weight Weenie Hammock that's 64 inches wide and 11 feet long.
2) A standard ridgeline which comes with all hammock purchases at 9 feet.
3) A pair of whoopie slings made from 12 feet of 7/64 AmSteel Blue.
4) Aluminum toggles.
5) 1-inch x 72-inch polyester webbing (rated to 1,500 lbs). Polyester has less stretch, more strength, and better abrasion resistance than nylon or polypro.

It's a helluva deal. Get it while it lasts!