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I tried to set up my ENO at one of the camps on the Suwannee Wilderness Trail here in Florida this past weekend. The camp host told me it was not allowed. When I quoted (not verbatim) this posting, he called his manager who told him that no hammocks could be tied to native vegetation, even if we were using bark-safe straps. They do have hammock hooks inside the screen rooms (pic attached), which is nice, but they don't allow dogs in there. So I can camp in the screen rooms and leave my dog at home, OR take my dog and sleep in a tent in one of their BEAUTIFUL riverside backpack sites (pic attached).

I'd rather be able to take my dog and hammock and sleep on the limestone bluffs above the river. I'll contact the guy listed above and post later what the response is. For those of you who kayak and hang, the Suwannee is a trip you cannot miss and these river camps are awesome.
Those screen rooms awesome. How do I get more info about camping there?