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    DD Hammock- Office Break

    I took a little break to hang out with the DD Hammock. I thought I would share a couple of photos. I still dont think I have found the right sag for maximum comfort. I have some CC Cribs that are made just like the DD and I have had no trouble setting up and getting the sweet spot. The fabric is tight under my shoulders when laying diagonally with the DD. Nothing extreme, just something I notice with the DD.

    BTW- I used the knot the Pablo shows in the video to see if it would hold. Surprisingly it held with no adjustments required. I am changing out to a webbing based suspension since I am not a big fan of the rope on the DD.
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    Looks like you have plenty of sag. Your shoulder squeeze might be because you aren't centered between the trees and your shoulders are too close to that end of the hammock?
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