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    i'm 6'-4", my zero degree quilt is a tewa 40"-52"
    i use a pad under my lower legs (my pad's my backpack)
    i use extra clothes under head. not the quilt.
    been working good for 2 winters so far.
    "Tenting is equivalent to a bum crawling into a cardboard box, hammocking is an art" KK

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    I can only answer for myself why I use a 3/4 UQ at times, the reduced weight is a plus on long hikes . Others will have their reason for choosing a 3/4 UQ. I also use a full length in colder weather, prefer the extra coverage and most winter camping seems to be car camping lately, at least this past winter . This season will probably be spent in a 3/4 for most of the hiking season. Ultimately it's a personal choice for each and every user. No UQ will be fool proof, it will take a few cold nigthts dialing the system into your presonal style.

    Hope that answers a few of your questions, lots of good info posted here from other as well as on the forum in general in regards to 3/4 UQs and the pros/cons...
    Happy Hangin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulsemod View Post
    You tell me... You're the designer. Why would one choose a 3/4 length UQ other than weight savings?

    I don't know. Is a full length UQ fool proof? Fool proof on a WBBB or HH Safari?
    I have used my WB Yeti on both of those hammocks without issue. If you are using a short UQ, the size of the hammock should not be much of an issue. It really does not have to cover the hammock, it only has to cover you from shoulders to butt.

    A full length version might be a little trickier depending on the hammock it is used on and the fit. And sometimes I find that if laying on the diagonal with feet to the right, they sometimes gap on the left away from your left leg. Sometimes takes a lot of adjustment to avoid that, and it's not an issue with short quilts with leg pads.

    The full length advantage would be when you just don't want to have to full with a pad which might possibly slip out of the hammock or out from under your legs as you move in your sleep. Now it is possible for most any UQ to slip out of position. But for full length advantage, let me use the example of a JRB Bridge hammock used with an JRB MW UQ. With this combo, you can always count on warm UQ being in position under you from head to toes, period. No matter how you might move, unless you fall out of the hammock, you can not move off of the warm quilt, head to toe. Also, there will be no gaps ( from the 1st or developing in the night) allowing cold air to rush in under you. So in this case, that would be an advantage over a leg pad which might slip out of position or even fall out of the hammock.

    Same thing basically with a PeaPod and non-bridge hammocks. IOW, you are not going to come off of the comfort spot, top or bottom.

    This is definitely not guaranteed with every hammock used with every full length UQ, they can come out of position, though probably not with most combos once you have things set up correctly. For that matter, they can come out of position in the shoulders ( but not the above JRB examples or PeaPod) if you don't have things figured out for a way to avoid that.

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    Thanks BB... Nice.

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